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Before entering the judging entry page, please take some time to read the instructions below. This site does require that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed in your browser. You can update your Flash Player by clicking on the Get Adobe Flash button at the bottom of this page. (Your Flash may need upgrading if you do not see the Enter option immediately below.)

Thank you for your participation!


When you enter the judging entry page, you will be presented with a number of boxes in which you can enter your marks and comments. At the top of the form you should see the entrant that you are currently assessing. You can select another entrant by clicking on the Drop Down List box and then clicking on a name from the list presented. Alternately, you could click on the navigation buttons next to the list box in order to navigate to the next or previous entrant.

To activate a box simply click the mouse button in the box and this will activate the text cursor for that box. The Tab key is another means of moving around the Marking Form. Marks are mandatory and comments are optional but encouraged. Once you have completed the score sheet for an entrant, you must click on the Save button at the bottom of the form. If you do not want to score a particular entrant simply select another entrant without pressing the save button. Below is an extract from a sample study conducted to assess the abilities of certain actors.

Edit screen

The current entrant, The Drop Down List Box and Navigation Arrow buttons are displayed on the header bar.







You should check the total score for the entrant by pressing the Check Score button.

Once your scoring for an entrant has been saved, the form will be presented in the fashion shown below.

Saved Screen







If you want to change your marks or comments for the current entrant, press the Edit Mode button.

If you want to clear the marks and comments altogether for the current entrant you can press the Clear Marking button.

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